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Steel mezzanine floor   is a transitional floor between primary floors of a building structure, and consequently normally not considered as a real part of the general floors of a structure.  The term is likewise utilised for the least balcony in a theatre, or for the initial not many columns of seats in that gallery. Modern mezzanine floor comes from Italian mezzano "center". In industrial applications, mezzanine floor systems are semi-super durable floor systems regularly installed inside buildings, worked between two long-lasting unique stories. These designs are normally detached and generally speaking can be destroyed and migrated. Commercially sold mezzanine structures are by and large developed of three primary materials; steel, aluminum etc. The decking or ground surface of a mezzanine will fluctuate by application however is by and large made out of b-deck underpayment and wood item completed floor or a heavy duty steel, aluminum or fiberglass grating.

Industrial Mezzanine Floor

Pondering extending your warehouse? An industrial mezzanine floor is an ideal decision. Mezzanine plans, measured system, give a totally flexible space that can be adjusted to every kind of capabilities. From office space and break regions to pressing regions and overflow racking, your industrial mezzanine can be designed to meet the particular requirements of your business.


Mezzanine floor is either bolted directly and connected with the current portal frame of the building or is unsupported and can be destroyed sometime in the future and modified is required. The Mezzanine region is finished with balustrade for free regions or is fitted with an ordinary twin railed handrail system for capacity mezzanines.

Mezzanine floors are for the most part produced from all inclusive shafts and are associated inside the snare of the bars by stirred C-Section joists. The joists are rushed to the principle radiates by electrifies point sections called spikes. The optional bars are set at 400mm – 700mm focuses subject to the stacking requirements.


The mezzanine structure is upheld at the right plan tallness by supporting segments. The support columns are by and large box segments RHS with square base plates and top cap plates welded to them. Base plates are dashed to the substantial structure section with two through bolts for each segment and top cap plates are rushed to the all inclusive segments with 4 bolts.

Swagger or cross supports are utilised for steadiness/influence for more modest floor regions Decking, typically 38 mm high thickness floor grade chipboard board are screw fixed to the joists with self penetrating screws commonly 16 for every board.

Handrail is introduced for edge security to all uncovered countenances of the mezzanines structure as wellbeing edge insurance. Staircase combinations with mid or top arrivals complete the mezzanine floor and give admittance to the mezzanines levels.


A mezzanine level is an intermediate floor between levels of a structure that is utilized for expanding the floor space of the structure without adding on to the actual structure. It tends to be utilized for endless applications like storage, work activities, equipment access, stock rack access, and transport access. Mezzanines are normal in modern settings in structures with high roofs like conveyance habitats, warehouses, and production floors.



Steel mezzanines are a common type of mezzanine construction for warehouse storage, equipment stages, and other industrial spaces. We offer high strength for a tough and safe structure. Steel mezzanines and equipment stages can be intended to be unsupported designs with bolt-together development for simple to gathering inside a current structure. This settles on steel the most ideal decision for adding a mezzanine floor to a current space.


Concrete is frequently utilized for mezzanine floor decking. It is the strongest type of mezzanine floor decking system with high point burden and low noise transmission. Concrete decking is best for mechanical applications that need high primary sturdiness.


A rack mezzanine is a storage mezzanine or warehouse mezzanine floor planned utilizing the storage rack system as the essential underlying scaffolding for the mezzanine. This type of support structure can help save money and space since the backings are utilized for both the rack and the mezzanine systems.

Racking and racking makes may incorporate a multi-floor level mezzanine structure into the rack systems. These help with further developing usefulness for the extra room and can give simpler access to inventory.

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